SRPM Technology uses nanotechnologies that protect from hazardrous weather conditions and maintain durability of buildings

Monday January 25th, 2016

Technologies in the construction field are constantly developing in order for building structures to maintain their durability and longevity, reduce the environmental effect on constructions and create conditions for people to feel well in enclosed spaces.

Thanks to nanotechnologies, modern buildings have more durable and longevous structures, and the climate conditions have no effect on exterior building. People within the newly fixed enclosed spaces feel safe from health-threatening dangers.

Resistance to any climate conditions

Nanotechnologies have started a true revolution in the construction industry, because such moisture permeable materials like wood, concrete or ceramic coating have become resistant not only to water, mould, but also to UV radiation. Thanks to nanoparticles, the surface of buildings remains protected from moisture and yet 100 percent breathable.

Health protection

Today the advancement of new technologies in the construction field gives more options not only for the client who wants a cosy and longevous accomodation, but also creates more possibilities for the designer who can offer not only quality, but also a nature-friendly and harmless project.

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