Hemp blocks in construction – an ecological and practical solution

Wednesday February 3rd, 2016

Every year the construction field sees arival of new or improved construction materials and building solutions.

One of such novelties is ecological hemp blocks. It is a construction material that can replace lightweight concrete blocks that are currently top choice in construction.

kanapiu blokai

The new construction material has good mechanical and physical qualities and is more enviromentally friendly.

This material:

  • Maintains heat
  • Is fire-proof even in case of open fire
  • Protects from pests

The blocks are longevous, durable for over 500 years.

Is it really eco-friendly? Hemps grow very well under natural conditions and do not require neither fertilizers, nor pesticides, therefore a building constructed using such material will be natural and environmentally friendly.

More information: www.srpm.lt/en