Metallic structures created by a 3D printer

Thursday February 25th, 2016
bridge 1

In the 21st century a 3D printer is used for creating almost everything: different utility objects, robots, houses and even metallic structures.

Bridges, ships and skyscrapers are a challenge to the 3D printer. Metallic structures are supposed to be especially robust, they are of gigantic size and the construction works must be completed very quickly. Is that possible?

It appears so.

Several times stronger steel, lower time costs and metallic structures of impressive sizes and shapes are already a realizable challenge. In the nearest future it will be possible to construct a bridge by using a 3D printer and a computer-controlled robot.


A 3D printer operates by the principle of laser sintering. The parts are produced outright after assembling without any connecting seams – this ensures stronger structures and provides the possibility to create unusual and original shapes.

bridge 2

The 15 meter long bridge is going to be designed by a modernized 3D printer. Previously 3D printers were usually used only for printing the structures, which could be housed into printing boxes. Nowadays the size is not an obstacle, since modern printers can easily adapt to the location and the created object. The bridge will be built in three months.